Do not postpone what needs to be done after purchase a new house!

Do not postpone what needs to be done after purchase a new house!

Let's list the essential needs, which are often forgotten in the happiness and excitement of buying a new home;

Replace the door locks

In case the previous tenant, real estate agent or former owner has a key, the first action to be taken when the property is purchased should be to replace the door locks

If there is a security system, change its password

In houses with security systems, contact the company and register as the new owner of the house. If you want to install a new system, make an appointment with the company by determining your security needs such as alarm and camera in advance.

Spray the house against insects and pests

Spraying the house before moving will make it easier to make a move plan by calculating that the house cannot be used for a few days.

Receive all subscribers and invoices

Electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc. Taking the subscriptions on sale will prevent future disputes.

Make sure doors and windows are completely closed

Make sure that all doors and windows can be closed completely in case of damage due to the weather and the risk of theft.

Make the repairs that need to be done at home before moving.

It will make your job easier to have operations such as dripping taps, broken sockets, spouting drains, parts that need to be repaired on the floor, paint and whitewash before moving to your home.

House insurance

If you want to insure your new home, it will be useful to have this done by taking into account the damages that may occur during the move or the problems with your new neighbors and taking photographs of every corner of the house.

Update your official address and residence information

Update the address information of the place where you want to move by going to or calling the relevant institutions and organizations.