Find out how much your property is worth in Fethiye

We offer free of charge property valuation in Fethiye

The first step to selling your property in Fethiye is to be sure of its value.

If you have a property in Ovacik, villa in calis, detached house in Üzümlü, or luxury villa in Göcek.

Before we are giving the best value to your property in Fethiye, we examine your house, considering its different features,

location and market conditions and have an appraisal done by real estate agent Fethiye who know the region very well.

 We determine the most accurate price of your house by using the methods of comparing the changes in the region,

the market situation, the rental income, the cost of new construction, the properties that have been processed in the vicinity with active sales.

 Your real estate agent in Fethiye will visit your home to inspect the property and use local market knowledge to get you an estimated value.

It will also offer the highest value your home thinks it can achieve.

 Even if you are not ready to sell your home, many homeowners find it helpful to know exactly what their home is worth in Fethiye.

All these transactions are free of charge and will not create any sales contract for you.

 However, if you are thinking of selling your home in Fethiye now or in the future, the real estate agent Fethiye who inspects your property in Ölüdeniz, house in Ovacik, detached villa in Üzümlü or your villa in Calis

can give you tips on making your home more attractive to buyers,

can help you plan the sale your property in Fethiye and answer all questions you have in mind.

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