"Real Estate" as an investment tool

Real estate investment in Fethiye, one of the oldest investment tools in history ,

is still used as the most effective method of income generation today.

4 The average annual increase in property prices in Turkey,

our country has been developing a rate of 142%, despite the many negative events.

This gain in value has clearly shown that real estate is the most profitable investment tool in the long run,

without being affected by the value gains and losses due to speculative or political reasons,

compared to other investment instruments such as low interest rates , uncertainties in foreign exchange and gold, 

which have been applied by the world banks for a long time .

In addition to these, the social prestige situation provided by real estate purchase should not be overlooked.

The methods we apply to real estate investors in Fethiye

Taking advantage of the advantages of closely following the Fethiye region and the intense interest in the region,

we bring the capital increase consisting of trading in the short term (3-6 months) to the investors.

In this single purchase and sale we apply, our target net profit rate is minimum 8%. Exceeding this rate is a situation

we encounter quite often. The frequency with which these singular transactions are made reflects to the investor as high income.

One of the most important factors that increase profitability is obtained from purchasing real estates in need of repair

and reselling them with the lowest possible repair cost. The fact that these modifications are made by the buyer in person

is an important factor that increases the profit rate.

The fact that our company closely follows the real estate in Fethiye determinations that are open to development in the region 

Calış, Ovacık, Ölüdeniz, Üzümlü, Göcek, the opportunities for sale arising from the need, the projects that are under construction

and the purchase and sale transactions will not only provide convenience in your investment but also maximize your profit.

Let's explain with a simple example how the targeted earning rate is achieved;

When a real estate in Fethiye, Villa in Calış, detached house in Ovacık, apartment in Ölüdeniz,

house with pool Üzümlü or stone house in Göcek with an average value of 600.000 TL

in the region is purchased for a cost of 420.000 TL due to the repair need, the cost of the property such as title deed,

tax, service fee and the purchase cost of the property is 455.000 TL at the most. The total cost of the property will be 490,000 TL

with the repair cost of 35,000 TL. (Purchase price of the property in this case does not need repairs should be under 500.000TL)

to be obtained from 580.000TL property sales in 4 months earnings will be easily targeted rate of profit.

Investing in projects in the region is a less complex but more specialized investment model.

Your risk of loss is minimized since the title deed transactions are made on behalf of the investor and by experts in the field.

You can see the properties suitable for a few investments here .

Looking at the period of the next 10 years, it is predicted that the Fethiye region, specially Calış, Ovacık, Ölüdeniz, Üzümlü, Göcek

will continue to receive immigration as a center of attraction with the effects of adverse migration abroad and in our country,

and real estate investments in Fethiye will continue to increase in value without slowing down.

By real estate agencies in Fethiye following property investments are recommended; detached house in Calış, apartment in Ovacık,

Villa in Ölüdeniz, stone house Üzümlü or  luxury chalet in Göcek.

It is expected to be completed in a short time, paragliding with cable car transportation between Ölüdeniz and Babadağ , 

Lycian hiking trail , historical ruins, Saklıkent , nature tourism and yoga, which is concentrated especially around Üzümlü . 

Combining the diversity of group activities, Fethiye region will have a much longer tourism season compared to other holiday resorts.

By contacting us now, real estate investment get you in the appropriate counseling services free of charge!